Your office rooms and your premises are the heart of your company. Therefore, they should represent your company as best as possible. That is why a regularly and professionally conducted maintenance cleaning is a essential part of the quality management of businesses. For us, a maintenance cleaning is not only about (high) hygiene standards but about clean looking, well-smelling rooms which make employees and guests feel comfortable. Everyday.   

With more than 125 years in business, we are not only an industrial cleaning company certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 but your competent and qualified partner who will offer you high performance and skills on highest level for all requests you may have. 

Maintenance Cleaning – Much more than just cleanliness

Every now and then an overall clean-up and apart from that quickly wiping the floors – that, of course, cannot be enough to be called a professional maintenance cleaning of business rooms. A proper daily maintenance cleaning makes sure that the work places are hygienically perfect, the whole inventory is cared for (e.g. floors, doors, cupboards or bannisters) and the sanitary rooms and the kitchen are perfectly cleaned. Furthermore, there can be special requirements that depend on the type of business. There are many factors we check in advance of the maintenance cleaning to make sure that you get exactly what you need: Are the rooms used daily or only for special events like congresses or projects? Is the flooring exposed to heavy usage due to many customers? Which material are the furnishings made of? Mainly synthetic materials? Wood? Metall? Are the rooms used as office, workshop or kindergarten? For all these cases our trained staff will provide the perfect solution for you.  

Of course, we recommend a regular maintenance cleaning. But how long or short the periods between the cleanings are to be is 100 percent your decision. No matter if we are to clean your premises daily, weekly or in other time periods, we will design together with you an individual cleaning concept that will match perfectly with your requirements. As senior industrial cleaning company in Hannover we offer a professional and high-quality maintenance cleaning at a fair price. 

Service is about performance – especially cleaning services!

Cleanliness and hygiene are sensible topics. The reputation of a company can suffer a great damage if deficits in terms of the maintenance cleaning occur. In the worst case legal consequences can be the result. The more important it should be for you as entrepreneur to find a reliable service partner that keeps your premises clean. With us at your side you can leave the company, relax and return the next morning to clean and fresh rooms. As we are making buildings and their furnishings since 1894 spick and span, we are the experts you need.

Our long tradition is an obligation for us to perform as best as possible for our customers. Therefore, our cleaning teams are build of well-trained qualified employees. We can guarantee you an efficient and high-quality realization of all agreed cleaning measures. 

As CoC recognized apprenticing company for the teaching profession “Building Cleaner” we know exactly what we do – a competency our customers can rely on. 

Good work for clean workplaces

Modern equipment and the usage of professional cleaning products enable us to conduct a highly effective, eco-friendly and resource-saving maintenance cleaning that will keep up to your expectations. 

And as health and safety protection is a major concern for us, we put emphasis on using only well-tolerated products. So also your employees can feel comfortable and safe in rooms cleaned by us. This aspect is even more important in sensible working environments like kindergartens or nursing homes. Our goal is to stay invisible during your working hours but to become an essential partner for you and your company. 

Services that will convince you! 

The regular professional and hygienic cleaning of office rooms and maintenance of the furnishings of office buildings, schools, workshops, kindergartens, nursing homes and many more are done by our trained and qualified staff. Of course, this includes the cleaning of the sanitary rooms, work surfaces and floors. If requested, we gladly offer you disinfection measures, too.  

The scope of services will be agreed on mutually according to your needs and the requirements of the premises and the materials. Of course we will advise you competently while offering you high-quality services at reasonable prices – this is a neat and clean thing for us.