Glass, this thousands of years old material, has always fascinated people with its special features. Today, glass has a major impact on modern urban architecture. As in many cities also in Hannover more and more glass fronts on office blocks or residential buildings can be seen glinting and sparkling in the sunshine. Impressive and enchanting. That is, as long as those glass fronts are neat and clean so that the sunlight can be reflected and that the people inside can enjoy the view on the city. That is a job for a good glass cleaning service.

Unfortunately, today’s cities have a higher pollution with fine dust. And on the beautiful glass fronts this problem can be quickly seen by everyone passing by –  unless a professional glass cleaning has been done. A regular glass cleaning does not only maintain the good look of your real estate but also its value.

As well-established business in Hannover (founded 1894), we saw the city grow and have done our part to its cleanliness. The cleaning of windows and glass constructions of all types is a classical service amongst our broad range of services in the field of facility management.

Having everything in clear view – thanks to professional glass cleaning

Glass should be – and ideally is – crystal clear. But it can be the whole opposite as well and when the sun shines the glass fronts and windows can quickly appear to be all stained and dirty. Dust of the streets, soot particles, rain and snow, flying pollen, leaves and insects: all of this and a lot more leaves its marks on glass roofs, windows, glass fronts and doors. The cleaning of these glass elements can be quite challenging depending on the size of the surface and its position. Often, the cleaning can only be done using technical equipment like hydraulic lifts or telescopic arms.

The way our experienced cleaning teams are proceeding is depending on a lot of factors like the type and intensity of the soiling, the quality of the glass and its purpose. No matter whether you assign us to clean the roof of your conservatory, the huge windows of your office, your production hall or a completely glazed skyscraper front – we will send our most competent employees for exactly the job that is at hand. Equipped with the necessary technical tools and cleansing agents that are geared exactly to the requirements of the glass elements our employees will do their work as best as possible. Fast, reliable and with a lot of professional expertise.

You can rely on the know-how and skills of our glass cleaners – also on assignments with increased hazard potential like cleaning skyscrapers or on roofs.

Clarity with just one wipe

Windows, frames, glass fronts – glass cleaning is for everything that gleams!

In Hannover and its region we offer regular glass cleaning and special cleaning for:

  • Windows of all sorts (commercial)
  • Window frames
  • Glass doors
  • Glass partitions (e.g. glass building blocks)
  • Glass roofs
  • Neon signs and lighting systems
  • Industrial glazing
  • and much more

Of course, we comply with your requirements 100 percent. You can put an order with us for a cleaning in a regular cycle as well as for a single assignment when necessary. Such single assignments can be necessary for example when construction work has been done on the building itself or in its near. Not only an increased amount of dust particles but also particles of the used construction materials can settle on the glass. In order to clean such a type of dirt a specialist should be consulted: Often enough a special cleansing agent is necessary to clean the glass without scratches.

Generally, we as an expert for facility management services recommend a regular glass cleaning, for example as part of the maintenance cleaning. A big advantage of this procedure is that windows and other glass elements are less soiled between two cleaning intervals the more often the glass cleaning is done. This can save both time and costs. And last but not least a carefully designed glass cleaning concept can make an important contribution to preserving the value of your real estate.